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3 keys to reload yourself with positive energy

September 13, 11:00 PST – 14:00 EST – 20:00 CET

Masterclass : stralen in Stressy tijden
3 Powerfull keys to reload yourself with positive energy!
  • Do others expect you to hold strong and be the driving force, but it doesn’t feel that way inside?
  • Do you sometimes become sad and uncertain because of what is happening in the world and around you?
  • Do you feel that there is more potential inside you, that you can do more, but that woman stays locked inside?
  • Are you an entrepreneurial woman who gives herself fully in her business and family, but feels like you fall short everywhere?
  • Have you lost your sparks in yourself, in your relationship and in your job because of the daily grind?


Do you want to shine again with lots of positive energy?

    Then this masterclass is for you!

    In an enthusiastic and cheerful way, Caroline teaches you 5 keys to reload yourself with positive energy. It is the number one skill to avoid burn-out and face these challenging times. These keys will make you more resilient and enjoy life more, despite setbacks, difficult times and uncertainty.

    Caroline has been applying these tips for years and now, at 56, she feels better, healthier and happier than ever before!

    The great thing is that if you are radiating positive energy, it has a direct impact not only on yourself, but on ll those around you!


    So give yourself this 1,5 hour free inspiration and get some free extra gifts at the end of the session!

    During this master class, you will learn more about:

    • The 12 happiness domains of your life
    • What question you should ask yourself to be happy
    • Why you are self sabotaging yourself and what to do about it
    • A vision of your dream live that could change your
    • How your powerfull feminine energy boosts your charisma and self-esteem

    If you apply the tools from the master class, you will:

    • Feel more positive vibes, even in the face of adversity.
    • Know how to find your positive sparks again
    • Experience more joy.
    • Feel less stressed
    • Life will flow more easily
    • You will spread positive vibes to your family, your environment and your staff
    Masterclass : stralen in Stressy tijden

    What do others say?

    Fantastic session, Very inspiring and with clear take-aways, that everybody can use. Thank you Caroline Anseeuw!

    - Veronique Smans

    It was great. I was extremely happy that I was able to attend the online master class despite my busy schedule. Caroline radiates and is clearly a good example of what she teaches….

    - Rita Galland

    It was a really fun and engaging training. Worth the time! I have already attended many training courses, but in this one I learned some interesting new things.  I’m going to start right away with the tips and integrate them in my life.

    - Mon Peeters